LifeMine Health - A Primary Care Practice that puts the patient at the center of everything we do.  LifeMine Health will partner with you as you envision and ultimately realize a state of optimal health.  LifeMine Health is conveniently located at 6847 Kingery Highway <Route 83> Willowbrook Illinois 60527. 

Proving Whole Person Care is part of the Osteopathic tradition and philosophy.  It simply means that we consider how your past experiences, genetics, life stresses and life style choices impact your wellness.  We address all these factors when considering a comprehensive treatment plan.  Components of the plan might include advice on nutrition, nutritional supplementation, movement with stretching and strengthening, manual therapy to assist musculoskeletal balance and healing, medical acupuncture to stimulate energy flow and stimulate the release of the body's own healing chemicals, pharmaceutical medications to provide a more powerful and immediate assistance as the body strives to achieve a healthy state.

For Appointments call Dr. Anthony Delorenzo, D.O. at 630-655-9555. 


Office Hours:   Monday 9AM to 5PM     Tuesday 9AM to 5PM      Wednesday CLOSED      Thursday 10AM to 7PM      Friday 9AM to 12PM      Every other Saturday  9AM to 12PM